Steel frame houses – the future of construction At Pelasgos Homes we propose you the opprtunity to build your dream house in Cyprus at an affordable price with light gauge steel frame structure.

Build your perfect home Pelasgos Homes a team of professionals with experience and knowledge – we will build your dream home in Cyprus for 4 months only, proposing you any architectural design you may wish for.

Low cost housing systems – quick, cheap and qualityLow cost housing systems has been developed by our company, ensuring quality homes finished with fiber cement panels and siding, low maintenance, resistant facades

Individual architecture and design – create your dream houseAt Pelasgos Homes we are proposing you the services of building prefabricated steel frame houses in Cyprus.Using advanced and computerized systems for precut of our wall and roof sections; we have the ability and flexibility to satisfy any design requirements for our customer.

Wooden log houses- mountain dreamGlued log houses design by Pelasgos Homes, manufacture and building, with the use of high-quality materials and up-to-date equipment – healthy living!

Green homes – save energy and moneyPassive and green homes in Cyprus is what we provide at Pelasgos Homes. Our Low-energy homes propose high levels of insulation, energy efficient windows, low levels of air infiltration and heat recovery ventilation to lower heating and cooling energy.

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