Aluminium windows and doors


Sliding, Hinged, Projected, Pivot, Tilt & Turn opening door and window systems will be provided based on the architectural design and requirements of the customer.

We offer one of the most comprehensive and flexible aluminum door and window systems available today. Each system features a variety of safety and security options and provides flexibility in design and style which satisfies the demands of modern architecture. Outstanding weather resistance can be achieved with a high-performance thermal break which improves energy efficiency and savings. The systems come in a multitude of colors and finishes with a broad collection of high-quality fittings and accessories to complete any design.

Recommended are the Thermal series which provide:


1. Thermal insulation Uw: 3.2 -1.3 W/( m2K)
2. Sound reduction: 38db
3. Air Permeability: 4
4. Water Tightness: 6B
5. Resistance to wind load: B2

Available models are:

SLIDING SYSTEMS from Muskita Aluminum Industries Ltd

MU 3000 Plus Thermal MU 3000 Lift and Slide  MU 138 UltraslideMU 112MU 3000 Thermal
         MU3000             MU3000             MU138Ultra Slide    MU112           MU3000Thermal

MU 100 SpecialMU 3000MU 3000 PlusMU 3200 Light Duty MU 100 Thermal
   MU100 Special    MU 3000           MU 3000 Plus   MU3200LightWeight MU100Thermal

OPENING SYSTEMS from Muskita Aluminium Industries Ltd

MU 43 ThermalMU 2000MU 2010 ThermalMU 2075 Elite ThermalMU 2500 Themral
MU 43 Thermal   MU 2000          MU 2010 Thermal      MU 2075           MU 2500 Thermal
MU 2500MU 35 Light Duty  MU 2600 Thermal                 MU 2600
MU 2500        MU 35 Light Duty                    MU 2600 Thermal                     MU 2600

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You still have any questions, you can leave your email and we will contact you soon!