Ceiling structure of our steel frame houses

CEILING SYSTEMS by Pelasgos Homes

For our ceilings we are using the Ceiling system of KNAUF.

The Suspended Ceiling System with metal grid consists of lower/furring and upper CD channels. Main channels are attached to the ceiling slab with hooked wires and rapid hangers or with Knauf Nonius Suspension System. Upper/main CD channels are attached to lower/furring channels with Knauf Clips in the Knauf D112 System. The Knauf UD channel is installed flush on the existing bearing system of the building with anchoring screws. This facilitates the proper alignments and installation of all base and bearing studs and channels. Knauf Gypsum Boards are installed on metal grids with screw attachment, starting at one end and gradually advancing towards the other. Fiberglass mesh is applied on the gypsum board joints that are then filled in with Uniflott by Knauf.


  1. Suspended skeleton metal grid structure – 6-7 cm.
  2. Ultra-acoustic mineral wool with Ecose Technology of Knauf 6 cm, Fireproof material of the highest Euroclass A1, proposing Excellent acoustical insulation. Thermal conductivity coefficient λ – 0,037 W / mK. Knauf Insulation mineral wool products benefit from a natural, formaldehyde-free binder made from rapidly renewable organic materials, instead of petroleum-based chemicals.
  3. Gypsum boards Knauf – 12.5 mm thickness. For the bathrooms we use high performance Water Resistant Gypsum board of Knauf / 12.5 mm/, Compliance: EN 520, Type A. The gypsum board of Knauf is non-toxic and non-flammable material made of natural gypsum. The plasterboard is naturally fire resistant and is classified as non-combustible.
  4. Interior Plastering – All interior connections are finished with Uniflott by KNAUF, 1 layer of Fine plaster is applied on the whole surface of the gypsum board.
  5. One Layer of Stabilizer and 3 layers of Paint. Paints are water based, washable and ecological, without any content of harmful elements. For kitchens we are using exceptionally tough matt paints with a grease proof formulation that resists everyday cooking stains and it’s washable without color. For bathrooms – moisture and steam resistant soft sheen paints with a Mouldtec formulation that protects the paint against mold for five years. Recommended brands we are using are: Dulux, Sherwin Williams, Crown Paints
  6. Access panels 40/40 cm are installed in each room.
  7. Available are various designs of suspended ceilings with – perforated and engraved gypsum boards, also designs with hidden lighting and others.
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You still have any questions, you can leave your email and we will contact you soon!