Plumbing system of our steel frame houses

Plumbing system:

After the roof has been finished we start the installation of the plumbing and electrical systems:

For our plumbing installations we are using the Retiflex piepes – PE-X – High Density Polyethylene with the Sioplas method – hygienically safe, scientifically proven with a guarantee for the amount of 2 000 000 CHF. The plastic pipes are produced according to the German specifications DIN 16892/16893/16887

Solar system:

At Pelasgos Homes we want to provide the best quality and ensure the first steps to a sustainable home! The solar system we are using is with VACUUM TUBES 


SOLAR SYSTEM: Pressure Series Compact Water Heater – Tank in Tank


  1. It takes advantage of the tap water’s pressure. The more pressure, the more comfort.
  2. The water is rapidly heated. Therefore, the hot produced water has very good quality.
  3. It can produce more hot water than the general types, because it is not restricted by the volume of the tank.


  1. Pressurized inner tank- stainless steel SUS316-1.2mm
  2. Vacuum tube QB-AL-N/AL- 58/1800.
  3. Outer tank painted, stainless steel SUS304-0.4mm
  4. Frame – coated galvanized steel-1.5mm
  5. Material of insulation – polyurethane

 Parameter Table:

Vacuum Tube
Type Area, sq. m Length Volume, lt
16 tube solar 2.4 1800 160
20 tube solar 2.85 1800 200
24 tube solar 3.42 1800 240
Advantages of the vacuum tube system:
  1. Unique 360 degree design increases collection earlier and late in day
  2. No antifreeze or other chemicals adding are requiring
  3. No thermal losses
  4. Water remains hot inside tank for long time
  5. Tube collectors free of corrosion and stone
  6. Reduce electricity bills- Quick payback
  7. Wind resistance
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You still have any questions, you can leave your email and we will contact you soon!