Steel Frame House Cyprus – Individual Architecture

Steel frame houses in Cyprus.

At Pelasgos Homes Ltd we are proposing the services of building steel frame structures in Cyprus. Using advanced and computerized systems for prοduction of our wall and roof sections we have the ability and flexibility to satisfy any design requirements for our customer.

At our website, you can find a great variety of Plans in the Steel Frame House Plans section. Our architectural department can also propose an individual design for your living space.

Steps of cooperating with Pelasgos Homes

  1. We can assist you to plan, design and draw your house according to your requirements. You can visit our Architecture and Engineering section for more information.
  2. We can evaluate your project if you already have architectural plans. Contact us for further assistance.
  3. After receiving a detailed offer from our sales consultants, we are ready to sign a construction contract and proceed further.
  4. First advance payment is 10% after which all payments are done depending on the level of the construction
  5. Construction works can start with the issue of the Building license
  6. Delivery of the project is 6 months!

At Pelasgos Homes, we are offering STEEL FRAME HOMES – the future of construction, an opportunity for your future home

  1. Quick to complete and finish
  2. Consistent and accurate
  3. Earthquake tested
  4. Certified quality
  5. Fire resistant
  6. Better price
  7. Reliable

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