Steel construction Cyprus – commercial steel framing

Invest in your business with Pelasgos Homes. We are proposing the advantages of steel construction in Cyprus.

Whether you are building offices, shops, studios, showrooms, etc steel frame is the answer.
Increase profitability by lowering the total cost of build (manufacture, assembly, transportation, erection, and completion). Win additional contracts by guaranteeing strict timelines, local building codes and environmental conditions (seismic, cyclonic, fire, pests, etc) are met.

  1. Cost Effective and Fast to Build
    With Pelasgos Homes accurate steel frame elements, construction is quick and simple allowing low-cost, with high-quality results.
  2. Strong and Design-Flexible
    Steel offers architectural and design flexibility due to its inherent strength. This allows large span distances and curves to be easily incorporated into designs.
  3. Durable and Safe
    Steel frames won’t ignite, burn, rust or get eaten by pests, therefore, making them highly desirable in extreme environmental conditions. Steel also doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides, preservatives or glues making it safer for handling and living or working around.
  4. Environmentally Friendly
    Steel delivers a number of unique environmental benefits such as product longevity, recyclability, easy transportation, and less raw material wastage.
  5. Fire Resistant
    Severe bush fire test at over 1000 deg C endorses steel framed housing.
  6. Earthquake Tested
    The structural integrity of steel frame houses tested in full-scale simulations resulting in a positive outcome

For more information and receiving a quotation for your project please Contact us. Our architectural planning department can also assist you in creating your future business project – Architecture and Engineering

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