Energy green homes Cyprus

Energy green homes Cyprus 

Passive and green homes in Cyprus is what we provide at Pelasgos Homes, technologies and building products that use less energy. In the practice of sustainable design, sustainable architecture, low-energy building, energy-efficient landscaping our low-energy houses use active solar and passive solar building design techniques and components to reduce energy usage.

Our Low-energy houses in Cyprus propose high levels of insulation, energy efficient windows, low levels of air infiltration and heat recovery ventilation to lower heating and cooling energy.

We would like to focus on the most important aspects that will turn your home in Cyprus into green energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  1. Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioners, Ceiling Fans , Heat shifters & heat exchange ventilators
  2. Hydronic Heating
  3. Ground-Sourced Heat Pumps
  4. Insulation and glazing
  5. Saving water
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