Steel studios for renting in Agia Napa

Steel frame light gauge construction of studios for a project in Agia Napa

Steel frame is the best solution for investment in your business. Extension of hotels and holiday complexes is easy to be realized with steel frame and will save you money. We have done 4 studios for this project in Capo Greko, finished within 2 months only.

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image-0-02-05-bb832979699e31d485a53dadfc80e373ef9229e5f6b65bda295c4c8f55546746-V image-0-02-05-aa62527016acfbc223dec1acd0071b385f886c19db7ccea4f7a0015afba62f32-V image-0-02-05-91d1083b9b23142a1b13d12b04d009f24ebc277df7c7c543d8f5d2b94a8b3313-V
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