Wooden houses Cyprus

At Pelasgos Homes, we are proposing you the services of building wooden houses in Cyprus.
Wood has many ecological, biological and economic advantages.

Wooden Houses are Eco-friendly and Healthier to live in.
• They are easy and fast to build and Low on maintenance.
• Wood Is The Most Important Natural Thermo-Protector Material.
• It is naturally warm in winter and cool in summers.
• Wood is one of the most Durable building materials.
• Properly notched and maintained houses can stand centuries.
• There are 600-700 years’ houses still standing in Scandinavian countries and Siberia.
• Log homes, built in accordance with modern technologies, are reliable and durable.

A wooden house creates a favorable emotional state and provides psychological relaxation. That is why the owners of wooden houses usually possess high vitality, enjoy healthy sleep and are full of energy.
A natural softwood house built using up-to-date technologies of the 21st century manufacture is the choice of successful people.

Wood is universal and all-sufficient
In wooden house indoor, decorating is genially simple. It is hard to imagine something more aesthetically and ecologically perfect than natural surface of refined wood with its unforgettable texture.

Wood makes a favorable microclimate of the house
As distinct from other building materials wood can “breathe”. Unique natural wood structure keeps the humidity and oxygen balance on the optimal level without any dependence on the outside conditions. Wood walls regulate the air humidity by absorbing or emitting depending on weather conditions.
Warm sun color inside the house develops perfect physical climate. It favorably influence people’s state of health and calms their nervous system. People who live in wooden houses are less subject to headache, depression and stress.

Wood keeps the warmth
Wood is by far superior in terms of heat saving characteristics than brick or concrete. Wood walls accumulate warmth and evenly distribute it among the house.

Wood is an ecological material
Wood is uniquely interacting with environment. It disinfects the air by barring harmful elements. Many building materials may induce allergy, especially in children and only wood being an ecologically safe material, has no adverse influence on human’s health.

With our company you will receive a turnkey solution for your new home. We will build your wooden house in Cyprus in 4 months only, providing you a full package of services starting from the foundations, erection of the house, electrical and plumbing installations and all finishing works.

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You still have any questions, you can leave your email and we will contact you soon!